Exporation Targets

NQR has an extensive portfolio of exploration permits strategically located in the concealed extension of the prolific gold and base metal districts of North Queensland, Australia. A large-scale drilling program is planned across the portfolio, with results across most permits expected throughout 2018.

Few significant recent discoveries Nth QLD

  • Too much historic focus on outcrop and known areas

  • Unwilling to step out under cover to take risk

  • Limited info under cover to encourage explorers

Run out of ideas – not deposits!

  • Unlock region prospectively by stepping out under cover

  • Heavily mineralised outcrop provides confidence that future large discoveries to be made under cover

  • Recognising large mineral systems in potential field data

Successful Exploration Strategies – then & now

  • Nth QLD maturity analogous to Mt Isa Block late 1980’s

  • Commit to step out under cover: new strategy = success

  • Drill test a ‘critical mass’ of targets (>20) for success

Targeting intrusion associated mineralisation undercover

  • Au ± Cu systems (Red Dome, Aust. – 3 moz Au & 2.5 kt Cu)

  • Cu-Au systems (Pebble, Alaska –  26 mt Cu & 70 moz Au)

  • Sn-Ag-Zn-Cu systems (Potosi, Bolivia – 5.5 boz# Ag & 1.5 mt Sn)

Potential UNCOVER Initiative

  • New mineral province/s – Tier one potential

Three project areas; approx. 2000 km2

  • Lynd Resources Pty Ltd

  • Yappar Resources Pty Ltd

  • Gamboola Resources Pty Ltd

  • Farm-in to Wilson Minerals and Palmer Gold tenements