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North Queensland Resources (NQR) through its three subsidiaries Gamboola Resources, Lynd Resources and Yappar Resources acquired 100% of the mineral rights to a large tenement package in north Queensland in the 2016/17 period. Recognising the cyclical nature of the minerals commodity industry, NQR developed and executed their business strategy through the downturn. Metal commodity prices are now responding to a confluence of lower supply and increasing demand, setting the scene for NQR to farm-out this prospective tenement package.

NQR is owned by the RVF Investments (RVF) and the Romardo group

RVF is a small private equity group based in Melbourne that invests in mining exploration opportunities, principally base and precious metals. RVF has a world class exploration team led by Tom Whiting, one of Australia’s best geophysicists. RVF has a rare combination of world class exploration expertise and resources deal making track record, coupled with patient risk capital. 

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The Romardo group are very experienced mineral prospect generators, comprising Douglas Haynes, Bob Skrzcezynski, Mark Dugmore and Darryn Hedger.

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